A Weird Fall Nevada Wildflower

I usually don’t expect to see wildflowers blooming in the desert in October.  I mean, other than the yellow rabbitbrush flowers. 

But then back in October we came across these flowers growing alongside Highway 376 north of Tonopah and south of Kingston Canyon, in Big Smoky Valley. 

Flowers or Foliage?

At first we thought they were vegetation that was turning color for fall. Most of the them were burgundy colored. 

They formed bouquets along with the rabbitbrush.   

Mystery wildflowers growing with rabbitbrush, 10-3-22, Patrick Wilkes

Then we stopped the car to take photos and realized they were flowers. Some were more pink than burgundy and some were white with burgundy centers.

Fall Wildflower
We’re stumped. What are these fall wildflowers? 10-3-22, Kimberly Wilkes

Can You Identify This Mystery Plant?

Patrick is usually good at researching plants online to find out what they are, but these stumped him. 

If you know what these fall wildflowers are please comment at the end of this post. Perhaps someone from the Nevada Native Plants Society can solve the mystery.

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