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Evening Grosbeak

Birding in Nevada: 5 Best Places to Watch the Spring Bird Migration

If you’re looking for a pick-me-up to your mood this spring, try Nevada birding, birdwatching or just hiking near a wetland. […]

Fall color, Woodford's Canyon
Northwest Nevada

The Big Freeze: Did It Ruin Northern Nevada Fall Color?

The last big nighttime freeze that happened recently did a number of many of the trees, with the leaves of the cottonwoods and maples turning brown. So is there any fall foliage left in Northern Nevada? Here’s a report on what’s happening around the area. Carson Valley The recent cold […]

Northwest Nevada

Fabulous Fall Color Near Reno

Taking a walk on a streamside trail while you’re serenaded by the sound of the water is ordinarily a peaceful experience. When the stream is surrounded by gold and orange aspens in the fall, it becomes even more serene. Colorful leaves flutter into the water, making the stream look even […]

Gardnerville Fall Color
Central Nevada

Best Places to Find Autumn Color in Nevada During Mid- To Late October

Hello Fall Foliators! Just a quick recap of the places you’re most likely to see fall color in Nevada over the next couple of weeks.  Fall Color Near Reno and Carson City  • Spooner Lake State Park – This location peaked on October 14 last year. Color can peak on different […]

Great Basin National Park Fall Color
Northeast Nevada

Baker Creek – Poised To Put On an Amazing Fall Color Show

I was at Baker Creek Road in Great Basin National Park on October 3 and 4, 2023—about a week ago. At the time, the fall color was patchy at about 20%. But the area was poised to put on a spectacular show, which should be starting either now or in […]

Austin Summit Fall Color
Central Nevada

Islands of Aspens at Austin Summit

Austin Summit is one of the most unique places in Nevada to view fall color. Islands of aspens grow on the steep, dry hillsides as if the aspen islands are sculptures hanging on the walls of a museum. They’re on display from Highway 50 as you’re driving into or out […]

Fall Color on the Success Route
Northeast Nevada

A Successful Fall Color Drive on Ely’s Success Loop

I honestly didn’t know whether I would have success viewing fall foliage on the dirt road known as the Success Loop near Ely, Nevada. I wasn’t sure if the trees there were changing yet. But I was in for a pleasant surprise. Most of the aspens (60%) were near peak, […]

Mather Overlook Fall Color
Northeast Nevada

Fall Color Perfection at Mather Overlook

Fall color doesn’t get much better than what I saw today (October 4, 2023) at Mather Overlook in Great Basin National Park. A river of golden aspen decorates the canyon below, and the entire hillside leading up and out of the canyon is covered in fall color, mostly gold but […]

Wheeler Peak Scenic Drive Fall Color
Northeast Nevada

Great Basin National Park Scenic Drive Hits Fall Color Peak

Great Basin National Park is known for a road that wiggles its way up the mountainside from 5,300 feet above sea level in the town of Baker to 10,000 feet at its highest point, all in a little more than 12 miles. That road, Wheeler Peak Scenic Drive, puts on […]

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