We’re Looking for Volunteers To File Nevada Fall Color Reports

Patrick and I can’t be everywhere at once. That’s why we’re looking for volunteers who are passionate about fall foliage—what Patrick calls foliators—to file Nevada Fall Color reports.

Are you a fall foliator and enjoy taking photos of the color in Nevada? Then send us your pictures along with your fall color report to [email protected]. We rely on volunteers like you to share the beauty of Nevada’s fall season with others.

How to File a Nevada Fall Color Report

• Photos must be no older than a week

• You must include the date the photo was taken

• Photos should be jpg and at least 1 MB in size. Cell phone photos may work if they’re higher quality but photos from digital cameras are usually better.

• Include the location

• Include photographer’s name

• Give us a report of how far along the leaves in the area are using the following percentages:

         Patchy: 5% – 20%

         Getting Better: 20% – 50%

         Near Peak: 50% – 75%

         Peak: 75% – 100%

         Fading: Mostly gone but still some color here and there

         All Gone

We’ll write blog posts about your photos and your the experiences you had taking the pictures. Or we’ll post your photos on our Facebook page or other social media sites. We’ll always give you credit for the photo.

Anyone who submits one or more photos is giving Kim and Patrick Wilkes and Nevadafallcolor.com permission to publish your photos, name, and reports on this website and on our social media sites. If a newspaper, magazine, or other media outlet wants to publish your photo we will reach out to you first for permission. 

We do not have a budget to pay for photographs or fall color reports. However, in celebration of the first year of nevadafallcolor.com, around November 15, 2021 professional photographer Patrick Wilkes will choose the best fall photograph submitted through fall color reports throughout the season. That person will win a $50 Amazon gift card.

Kim will also write a blog post about the winning photo. If you submit a Nevada fall color report you’ll automatically be entered into the contest.

Although we can’t pay for photos or reports, having a photo appear on the site is good recognition and exposure for you and your photographs.

We hope to hear from you soon!

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