Baker Creek – Poised To Put On an Amazing Fall Color Show

I was at Baker Creek Road in Great Basin National Park on October 3 and 4, 2023—about a week ago. At the time, the fall color was patchy at about 20%. But the area was poised to put on a spectacular show, which should be starting either now or in the next few days. If you’re planning on heading to Baker, Nevada for the eclipse this weekend, Baker Creek Road is likely going to be a fall color hot spot. 

Many of the lime-green aspens along the road were speckled with orange, so there was some color to admire even a week ago.

Baker Creek Road Fall Color
Baker Creek Road, Patchy Fall Color on 10-3-23, Kim Wilkes

Color Showing Up on the Lower Timber Creek Loop Trail

The grove of aspens by the Timber Creek Loop/Baker Lake Trailhead was still green back then. However, another grove about a quarter mile up was at peak with yellows and oranges.

Timber Creek Loop Trail
Timber Creek Loop Trail, 10-3-23, Kim Wilkes

The Timber Creek Loop trail climbs up to 9,000+ feet so any aspens higher up on the trail are likely to be peaking or past peak. I only had time to hike about 1.25 miles up the trail, where some color was in the getting better range (40%), but many of the trees were partially hidden by the evergreen forest. 

Some trees are losing their leaves, Timber Creek Loop Trail, 10-3-23, Kim Wilkes
Groundcover Adding Splashes of Color to the Forest Floor, Baker Lake Trail, 10-4-23, Kim Wilkes

An Easy Hike Among the Aspens

One of the best—and easiest—ways to appreciate the color is to park at the end of Baker Creek Road and take the half-mile trail that travels under the canopy of aspens down to the Baker Creek Campground. You can stroll through the campground to admire more fall color there, then head back up to the trailhead. There’s not a lot of elevation loss so your return trip will be mild.

Trail from End of Baker Creek Road to Campground
Trail from End of Baker Creek Road to Campground, 10-4-23, Kim Wilkes

This area is set to put on a fall color extravaganza soon.

Baker Creek Road Fall Color Update

Baker Creek Road – Very likely getting near peak. It was patchy a week ago.

Timber Creek Loop Trail – Patchy to peaking, as of a week ago. The lower trail is likely to be looking good right about now. 

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